Abstract plate with a green frame

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This plate is being offered at a reduced price because it had a crack in it that needed to be reinforced.  It is barely visible on the front of the plate and it is stronger than ever now.  You can barely see the crack in the photo of the back of the plate. The crack goes from the middle of the plate down to the bottom and slightly to the left. There are close up photos of the front and back of the plate. This plate is being sold as is.

This one of a kind Raku plate is an abstract image and has a green frame made by pressing lava rock into the soft clay.  It is 13” across. This plate will look great in any room and is easy to hang. Clean with a damp cloth and water. Raku is decorative and not meant to be used with food.


  1. What is Stoneware?   It is a type of clay that when fired to a very high temperature, 2400 F, the clay vitrifies (melts) and forms a very hard and durable material.  Pottery made out of stoneware clay is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe and will last for many years.
  2.  Do you use any lead in your pottery?  NO!  Lead is NEVER USED in our clay or glazes. 
  3. What kind of clay do you use.   We use our own clay body recipe that has been developed and refined over the last 40 years.  It is a mix of 4 different clays and other earthen materials.  The resulting clay works well on the potters wheel and high fires into a very durable material called stoneware
  4. What is a glaze?   A glaze is a mixture of earthen materials that when combined with water can be applied to a piece of pottery by dipping or brushing.  When fired to a specific temperature the glaze will melt into a glass on the surface of the pot.  Each glaze we use is our own special recipe and formulated for a specific color and texture.
  5. How do you form your pottery?  We use a potters wheel, slab roller, extruder, and our hands
  6. Can you use your stoneware pottery in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven? Yes, Yes, and Yes!